The Zara bodysuit you NEED in your life

The Zara bodysuit you NEED in your life

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 18.13.25

If you’re after a staple wardrobe piece which will go with absolutely everything and will never go out of fashion, my darlings, this is it. I first saw this dream of a bodysuit on Rosie Huntington-Whitely (literal style inspo) as she often posts her weekly outfits to the gram. I was having a swipe through her photos, anyone who follows her will know she has the most gorgeous, minimalist style, and I was just obsessed with how she was styling this bodysuit in so many ways. She’s often seen wearing a gorgeous pair of Bottega Veneta square toe mules and accessorising with one of their iconic pouch clutch bags (if I ever win the lotto, that’s what I’ll be buying) and I assumed that this bodysuit would be up there with another hefty price tag. Lo and behold, one day she tags all of her outfit details in one of her photos, and she tagged the bodysuit as ZARA. I was like, WHAT!?!?!? I thought I had misread the tag at first but then within minutes I was on the Zara website adding one of every colour to my basket, because guys, it doesn’t stop there, the bodysuit is £12.99. It’s an absolute BARGAIN and if its good enough for Rosie, it’s more than good enough for me.

So anyway, the bodysuits arrive, and they were everything I’d hoped for and more. They’re that gorgeous thick stretchy material so although they cling, they cling in a good Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 18.47.19way, aka they don’t show the outline of your belly, which is literally the worst. They’re honestly alls I’ve been wearing since I bought them. You know when you’re going ‘out out’ with your friends and you always go back to the classic ‘jeans and heels’ outfit? Well this is me every single day with this bodysuit. I swear, every morning I’m sat in front of my wardrobe looking at all of my clothes and I’m just like, ‘ahhh I’ll wear the bodysuit again.’ It literally goes with everything!!! Wear it with jeans and trainers, a blazer and heels, a midi skirt, leather jacket, cigarette trousers, wide-leg trousers, bermuda shorts… literally the list goes on. I promise you it will not disappoint!


Why social media’s doing you no favours

Why social media’s doing you no favours


Here goes, the dreaded social media post. It’s not unknown that social media can seriously harm our mental health, in fact, we hear about it now more so than ever, especially among young people. But why is it that apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are making us feel so crappy about ourselves?

Social media is addictive, for most, it’s the first thing we check when we wake up in a morning and the last thing we look at before we go to sleep, the habit of picking up your phone and opening the Instagram or Facebook app to have a scroll is something that’s become so normalised for almost everyone, both young and old. I’ll admit that it’s almost impossible for me to go out to a fancy cocktail bar and not post a photo of my aesthetically pleasing cocktail to my Instagram story, but who am I trying to impress? Realistically, no one’s that bothered if I’m out drinking a cocktail with a couple of mates, but so many of us continue to feel the need to post these kinda things to our profile. Even if it’s just a photo of a random building with a geo-filter at the bottom of it, we’re only posting it to show our followers that we don’t just sit around at home all day and that we do actually go out to visit places. I was talking to one of my besties Han about this (I know you’ll appreciate the mention) and we spoke about how we pretty much spend £8 on a cocktail just so we can take a photo of it, and we visit posh bars in posh cities just to say we’ve been there. I remember when we went day drinking in Manchester one time and we went to 20 Stories, because it was the ‘go to’ place at the time and was all over people’s Instagrams, we were absolutely bloody astonished that we had to pay a tenner for a MEDIUM glass of wine, we basically paid a tenner just to go and take a photo, safe to say we’ve not been back since. Take Sunset in Manchester as an example as well, you get there, order a pretty drink, take a million photos, analyse those million photos, pick the best one, upload it to the gram and then leave. You spend the entire time in the bar on your phone taking in the experience through your screen without actually being there and present in the moment. The thing is though, we rarely ever see photos of people bored out of their skull at work, or sat at home with nothing to do, or at college/uni working on endless essay deadlines, we never see the actual reality of people’s lives, we only ever see the ‘best bits’. I don’t know why, but writing that literally reminded me of the ‘best bits’ the contestants get when they leave the I’m A Celeb jungle, and reminded me that it’s gonna be starting again soon, YES. Weird analogy, but I suppose Instagram and Facebook are literally like our own bigger versions of the I’m A Celeb ‘best bits’… omg what am I even going on about. Seriously though, you get my gist. We’re constantly exposed to people living their best lives on social media, so for those days when we are just sat at home doing nothing, the highlights reel of everyone else out enjoying themselves can really take its toll.

The rise of Instagram influencers doesn’t help either, so many of us follow them because we love seeing the amazing holidays they go on and the array of new clothes they receive, we follow them for inspiration, but it sometimes doesn’t do us any favours. I’m contradicting myself massively here because I do follow so many ‘influencer’ accounts on Instagram, but when you’re constantly viewing a feed full of gorgeous size 6 girls in their designer clothes posing in extravagant places, you can’t help but think, why not me? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the job is harder than it looks, but all we see is the fantastic places they get to visit and all the PR gifts they receive in return for taking a few photos – I’m sure many of us would kill for a job like that. Instagram especially has distorted our perception of beauty; we scroll through our feeds and view images of these beautiful influencers that are all beginning to look the same, and we can’t help but compare ourselves to the unrealistic standards that are set and envy the way that influencers, and even our friends, look like. But no one looks the same as what they do on social media, even me. Honestly, I don’t think I’d ever post a photo without, as my Dad would say, “all my slap on”, because again, it’s that pressure to always look perfect online. I suppose it’s quite sad that I don’t feel like my natural face would fit in with the perception of beauty that we see so often on social media, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way (my Mum does say I look 15 again without my make-up on though so I’m gonna use that as my excuse). And not to mention the amount of editing apps that are out there which can make us look tanned or literally change our entire appearance. But it’s not just the way we look that’s an issue, social media makes us compare ourselves in regard to EVERYTHING, we look at people our age on social media who’re getting married, moving house, having babies, securing their dream job, and it makes us question whether we’re doing life right at all.

It hit hard when I was scrolling through Boohoo the other day and I saw their idea of a Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 17.18.27‘plus-size’ model, because I honestly could not believe it. I’m pretty certain that plus size used to refer to women who were a size 16+, but this model to me looks like she’s a size 10/12?! It’s absolutely crazy. I’m not ashamed to say that I wear a size 10/12 but by no means would I have considered myself a plus size, I can’t help but think how damaging this potentially could have been if I’d had seen such content when I was younger, or for all the young girls viewing it today. The media makes it seem like a size 6 is the only way a woman can look perfect, and of course, all the slim models we see on Instagram and in campaigns are absolutely stunning, but I think this model is equally just as beautiful even with her curves. I think we’re sloooooowly getting there with body diversity and celebrating women of all sizes, but I don’t think we’re there just yet. When I was at uni, I did some research with high school students about the kind of issues social media can create, and it was really sad to hear the impact it was having. The issue surrounding body image and the pressures set for young girls to aspire to was definitely apparent, but it’s also so important to remember that these pressures apply to boys also. The students felt like social media placed a pressure on them to gain a certain amount of likes on a photo, and if they didn’t receive that ideal number of likes then they’d delete the photo because they felt like it wasn’t good enough, which I’m sure is something we’ve all done before. Most reading this I’m sure will be of similar age to me, and hearing from these students made me feel so so so grateful that I didn’t have to grow up with the pressure of social media, I’m sure you’d agree. I can’t even imagine what high school must be like nowadays with Instagram and Snapchat, it was all about Bebo and Tumblr back in our day. Side note – where did Tumblr actually go because I seriously used to be OBSESSED with that!?

There’s no moral to the story here, social media isn’t going anywhere and the issues I’ve spoke about won’t begin to get better any time soon, but it’s so important to aim to use social media in a more healthier way. Set a time limit on how often you want to use it, unfollow accounts that make you feel a bit crappy, go out for the day and leave your phone at home or read a book! (I used to love reading and somehow fell out of it, if anyones got any good recommendations then pls send them my way). Something I’ve started to do when I go out with my family, Ben or my friends is to try and not go on my phone as much and to be more present in the moment, and it’s actually so refreshing to have a break from it and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Remember that almost everything we see on social media is a lie, no one has the ‘perfect life’ that they portray to have, we all suck our guts in and paint our faces with make-up in order to look 10/10 on the photos we post, but no one looks like that all the time, and no one’s arsed about the amount of likes you get on a picture, likes don’t define how beautiful or popular you are.

Thanks for reading, loadsa love xxxx

A/W Trends I’m Loving

A/W Trends I’m Loving

2019 has blessed us with so many amazing trends, from cycling shorts (which I hated at first, but then grew to love), to headgear (seem to be finding myself heading into Primarni a lot recently purely to look at the headbands and hair clips section) and of course, FEATHERS!!! (see one of my previous posts). And the trends ain’t stopping there, we’re barely out of summer and the amazing A/W trends are already beginning to grace my Instagram feed, here’s a few of my favourites that I’m loving at the moment…

Organza Extravaganzaaa

I’m hoping all of you who have just read that title will understand the RuPaul reference, Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 13.57.17and if not, go educate yourselves immediately (after you’ve read this post). But seriously, I’m absolutely loving this organza trend at the moment!!! It’s so extra and I feel like it adds a bit of ‘pizazz’ to any outfit. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely one of those ‘suffer for fashion’ trends because that material is itchy AF, but worth it to ensure your outfit is looking bomb (can’t believe I just said that, ‘bomb’? who even am I). It’s everywhere on the high street at the moment so it’s super easy to get your hands on and is really affordable. Nasty Gal and Boohoo have so many nice ‘out out’ pieces and Zara has some pieces which are a bit more casual and formal. I’ve put some of my faves below!


Leather, vinyl and all that shiny stuff

Leather and vinyl is one of them trends that we see pretty much every autumn/winter. To be Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 19.50.18fair, I’d say I wear my leather jacket pretty much all year round. Again, it’s definitely one of those ‘suffer for fashion’ trends because if you’ve ever been sweaty in a pair of leather trousers or a leather skirt, well.. you’ll know what I mean. I absolutely love leather trousers though, they’re one of those A/W staples that you can dress up with heels and a crop or down with a white tee and trainers, but I seriously just can not pull them off!! It’s so sad, but they just aren’t made for girls with thicker thighs like me (no shame 😂) they just don’t sit right!!! If you’re lucky enough to be able to pull them off, then definitely go out and buy yourself a pair, you won’t regret it. Another thing I’ve got on my wish list, don’t judge, is a patent trench coat. I am just OBSESSED with them. I keep seeing them on my Instagram feed and I am seriously resisting the urge not to get one ordered, I know it’s a proper Matrix vibe but they just look sooooo good!!! If anyone ends up buying one, please let me borrow it.



Who cares that Christmas is still almost 100 days away? Sparkles, sequins and anything Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 20.17.53.pngthat shines is IN, and I’m here for it. Who doesn’t love a bit of glitz and glam every now and again? Any opportunity to get a bit dressed up, I’m there, and Christmas being ‘sorta’ close-by is even more the reason to take it that bit further. It doesn’t have to be clothes either, channel your inner glam through your accessories! Get some sparkly earrings or an extra AF headband or even a glitzy bag, it’ll instantly take your outfit from a 10 to an 11 😍. This trend is super affordable and is already in so many high street shops, I had to stop myself from adding the entire Zara website to the links below because there are SO many amazing pieces!!! Definitely go and have a look.

I’ve not done myself any favours at all by writing this post because now all I want to do is go and buy every single item I’ve linked fml, but thanks again for reading and hope I provided you with a bit of fashion inspo!! Loads of love xxx


For all the 20-somethings out there

For all the 20-somethings out there

No one prepares you for life in your twenties, and I know when I say that it sounds as if I’m about to just turn 30 or something, but I’m really only one year in, dear God help me. I can honestly say though that these last few months have been some of the most stressful times of my life, reconsidering every single choice I’ve made and thinking ‘holy sh*t, what am I actually gonna do with my life?’

Finishing uni and graduating with a first-class degree was bloody amazing, it felt like all the hard work had finally paid off and I was on an ultimate high knowing that I had the summer to myself and the freedom to do what I liked for a while. I’d got loads of trips planned, was about to turn 21 and was ready to have the best few months spent with family and friends, but the truth is, after all of that, the feeling soon wore off. I began to think to myself, what the hell comes next? Whilst I was so glad to finish my degree, I was not ready to start thinking about what I really wanted to do with my life, and I still don’t, cause I honestly have no idea. There’s so little advice out there for people like me who’ve just graduated, and I was honestly not prepared to feel all these emotions that have suddenly hit! I knew that whilst I was doing my degree I enjoyed conducting research and looking into health and social issues, it was something I was good at and it seemed like the logical and sensible thing to do to continue my studies and go onto do a Masters degree in research. But then a month or so ago I was faced with another offer, I was offered a scholarship to do a PhD at the University which I graduated from, which is such a rare and incredible opportunity, but I’m so unsure whether I’m ready to commit to another 3 years of uni. The Masters degree gives me another year to really think about what career path I want to go down and I get to do something I enjoy and gain another degree at the end of it. Whilst the PhD is another 3 years of study and another 3 years of not earning a proper income, but could open doors to a fantastic job at the end of it. The truth is, I’m still so undecided, there’s pros and cons with both but it feels as though this decision is going to influence the rest of my life! It’s ridiculous when you think about it, but I can’t help but feel this pressure clock counting down in the back of my mind which is reminding me that I only have a week or so to make a decision on what I’m going to make a go at, and it really is so hard.

I’m such a perfectionist, not in a bad way, but I hate the element of not knowing and sometimes just wish I had my whole life planned out for me so I didn’t have to worry about all this kinda stuff. I envy those people my age that have their dream job already and just have it all sorted. I mean, how do people find their true ‘dream job‘? Does it even exist? I suppose either way, for the time being, I’m going to continue my studies at University, which I know I’ll enjoy, but then part of me thinks do I love the idea of it? I don’t know. If you asked me what I truly enjoyed, I’d say fashion, interiors, writing, photography and anything that allows for a bit of creativity, and I’d blimmin love to have my own business, but it’s just so unrealistic to try and pursue a career in any of those fields and I was constantly told not to go for it due to the lack of jobs, which I suppose was sensible advice. Obviously I have the same goals as most people reading this, to have a well-paid job and to be able to afford all the nice luxuries in life, but I’d much rather be happy doing something I enjoy than be in a job which I don’t particularly like purely for the money.

I just realised that this got real deep real quick, so I’ll try and change the tune a bit 😂

I do honestly feel like for most, being in your twenties is the hardest part of your life, its the time where most of your future life decisions are made, and its a time where you really start to compare yourself to other people your age and question whether you’re doing it right. The thing is though, I can guarantee everyone we ever compare ourselves to has felt this way as well, everyone is on their own path and everyone has their different timelines. It’s completely normal to sometimes feel like you’re not good enough, because all of us feel that way at some point or another. Social media doesn’t help us at all because we’re constantly exposed to the brilliant lives that all of our peers are living, but it’s only half the reality. Even looking at my own Instagram, I sometimes think ‘bloody hell, it looks like I’m living my best life and constantly out enjoying myself’, which isn’t the case at ALL. I quite often doubt myself and reeeaaaally suffer from a lack of self-confidence, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at my page. Just remember that everyone has their struggles and it’s okay to sometimes feel like you’re not doing life right, it’s fine to make mistakes and learn from them, that’s what your twenties are all about. Enjoy yourself and take holidays when you can and say yes to all the fun stuff and enjoy being young. My Mum always says “you can’t take your money with you” (my excuse for constantly trying to persuade Ben to book another holiday) and in 20 years time you’ll look back and be grateful that you made so many amazing memories rather than worrying about what your income will be when you’re older or whatever other stuff adults worry about. I need to keep reminding myself that I’m only 21 and I have all the time in the world to make decisions and make mistakes and go out into the real world and get a proper job. Lol check me out tryna be some advice guru or something 😂, I promise I’m far from, and reading this back I think damn I need to listen to my own bloody advice sometimes!!

If you’ve made it this far then thanks for reading my little (big) rant, and apologies for the super long post of mixed emotions! Hopefully this will have spoken to a few of you and made you feel a lil bit better if you’ve been feeling anything similar, promise the next post will be something a little more light-hearted!

Sending lots of love xxx



Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 16.10.57

Most of you will probably think I’m mad but I swear feathers are legit having a moment right now and I am LIVING for it. Extra AF, old Hollywood glamour and just pure sass are Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 12.26.51alllll the vibes I’m getting from this trend and I literally cannot bloody wait for some high street shops to catch on to it. I keep drooling over pics of celebs and fashionistas at fashion week pulling off the plumed look (low-key wishing it was me) and I’m honestly just obsessed. There’s defo a reason that celebs are the only ones being seen pulling off the look though and that’s because it costs a lot of $$$. Seriously, a feather bandeau top from The Attico (the brand which has basically won the trend) is literally like £1,300… I know, extortionate. Not Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 12.27.13all of us have a spare grand or so to spend on a few feathers, wish I did. Saying that, I do feel like you have to be ‘a someone’ or just extremely confident to pull off the look, if I went down to my local in a fully feathered garment I can guarantee I’d get a few (a lot) of funny stares, just picturing it now is making me laugh. There are a few ways to wear the look more subtly though and I’ve linked some of my favourite high street pieces below. Or if you fancy going all out (like me, no shame) and DIY’ing your own feather piece, get a cheap bandeau top, marabou feathers from eBay and a hot glue gun and you’re good to go! Ngl, I’ve not had the confidence to wear it out yet, or the occasion, keep an eye on the gram for my cheap feather top debut 😂

Thanks for reading!! xxxx




Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 17.55.33

I’m cutting straight to the chase, I honestly have ZERO idea as to how to write this first blog post, to the point where I’ve re-written this first sentence about 15 million times, no exaggeration, it is seriously so hard. But I figured the first post on any blog should be the usual ‘about me’ post, so this is gonna be me, trying my absolute best, to try and write a little bit about myself in a way that doesn’t sound too over-professional and just pure cringe (and sorry in advance if it does).

First of all, if you’re reading this, then HI! Hopefully not, but if you’re the only person that’s actually clicked on my blog to read this post (probably you Mum) then I am super happy that at least 1 person has shown an interest, you are honestly much appreciated (imagine the kissy face emoji here). Most reading this will probably already know me, so you’ll know that my names Scarlett, and if you don’t then I think the big title across the top of this page makes it fairly obvious. To put it shortly, I’m a 21 year-old who’s just graduated from uni with absolutely no idea with what she wants to do with her life, not a sob story, just the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I do have so many options which I could go for, but it’s just so bloody hard trying to decide which path to go on with the worry that I might have made a mistake, such a Virgo, but more about that on another potential post. I’ve honestly wanted to start a blog for the longest time, but it’s so scary having your thoughts and ideas out there for everyone to see. I’ve put it off for so long due to the fear of being judged by others, but thanks to some words of encouragement from family and friends and trying to maintain a ‘no f*cks given’ attitude, I finally got the guts to do it. I wanted to have my own blog more so because I am literally fashion obSESSED, to the point where the majority of my money lies in my wardrobe, oops. I absolutely love high fashion (despite not being able to afford it, a girl can dream) and all the beaut and wacky trends that come and go, and figured this could be a page where I could share some of the cool trends I’m loving and finding the high street alternatives, which is always the hardest bit! After all, not all of us can afford the Kim K life-style. By no means am I suggesting that I have the best fashion sense in the world, there’s been numerous occasions where my parents have come out and said “what on EARTH is that?” when I’m showing them the purchases from yet another ASOS parcel, and I’m sure there’s been plenty of times where my friends have probably questioned wtf I’m wearing but are too polite to say so (love u guys) and I think my boyfriend Ben has just purely given up on trying to give his opinion on my fashion choices (he knows I’ll ignore whatever fashion advice he gives). But if you’re reading this and you enjoy fashion like me then I’m sure we’ve probs got a few things in common and you hopefully might like some of the bits I end up posting. I did my undergrad degree in Sociology, which at the time seemed like the sensible option as it opens a lot of doors to various career paths, and to be fair I think it still was the most sensible option, and whilst I did enjoy it, I do sometimes wish I’d done something a little more creative, so I feel like having this blog can be a lil hobby where I can show a bit of my creative side. As I said, whilst the main purpose of starting this blog was to be fashion-focused, I’d love to talk more about some of the pressures us 20-something year olds face, which of course might be applicable to some older folk reading as well (probably you again Mum, sorry) things like social media (I did lots of research during my degree into social media and young people’s mental health and the results were honestly scary), trying to find the right career, friendships and just genuine life struggles, and also a few bits about travel!! That’s when I’m a bit braver anyway, this first post was daunting enough!

I’m gonna wrap this up here else I’ll babble on for days, if you made it this far then cheers for reading, and without sounding 10/10 cringe, it does mean so much, stick around for the next one!!

Loads of love x